O5 Council – The upper management and decision-makers pulling the strings behind the scenes. They work to keep everyone’s interests in mind, and vote on the proposals the other staff come up with in their meetings. They deal with the backend and development, keeping the server alive. The Council has a meeting every Saturday to decide what is best for the server, in which the other staff have no input. What did you think this was, a Democracy?

Head Admin

Head Admins – The bridge between the O5’s and the rest of the staff, the Head admins tend to directly deal with instances of poor conduct and abuse from within the staff. Head Admins are also tasked with assisting the O5’s in their administrative duties on the server, almost making them Secretaries, of sorts.


Lieutenants – The highest ranking “Non-management” rank, Lieutenants are the highest role not involved in administrative duties. Lieutenants have a near-comprehensive level of permissions on the SCP:SL servers, only missing some niche commands. Lieutenants are considered our “trusted staff.” If you see a lieutenant ingame, rest assured that you are in good hands.

Discord Mod

Discord Mod – Moderators on a different platform, Discord Mods have jurisdiction over the discord, having authority on there above that of our lieutenants. However, they have no permissions in game. Unified under the Head Discord Mod.


Stafflet – Our “Trial Staff” position. These people are not technically staff, and have no permissions in game. People are normally only at the stafflet position for a week.