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[Closed] Staff Rules  


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04/03/2020 9:18 am  

1. Try to help new players learn the game.
2. If someone ask for your help I expect you to go out of your way to accommodate them.
3. Your main job is to make sure everyone is having fun but following the few rules we have.
4. I expect you to try and get players from server to discord to join our group.
5. You may not in ANY case promote another player permanently or temporarily without proper permissions.
6. You must keep pace with your responsibilities, you may not go inactive without letting someone know.
7. Any attempt to bypass punishments will result in the revocation of all privileges.
8. Staff are not above players, and they can not use position to gain any advantage over another player.
9. Staff that openly give powers away for any reason will be revoked until the case is reviewed.
10. Staff that abuse their powers in the manner of exploitation or hacking will be permanently banned with absolutely no chance of appeal.
11. You must not constantly kill people all the time. (As this may drive players away from the game).
12. Staff must respond to all inquiries by players in-game and on the group page, Discord, etc.
13. While on Duty, staff may utilize any power necessary (Remember, necessary. If it could be counted as abuse, don't do it.) to help the players also expect a message from anyone that sees a volition of these rules.
14. General chat is for messages to the server and other players so remember to NOT post Memes/pics in general and keep them to their selected channel.
‚Äč15. You are allowed too post SCP memes too general though just don't go over board and spam general with them.

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