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[Closed] SCP RP rules  


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*Friendly reminder for everyone - this is not Secret Lab gamemode in any way. This game type focuses on the everyday life of the SCP foundation, with breaches being rare and small compared to Breach based game modes. Please stick to the theme of the RP.



General Rules

  • No RDM or intentional team killing. If a D-class is breaking orders you may execute them, but attempt to defuse the situation first. D-class may not just kill eachother over and over.


  • Any hacks or cheats will be immediately receive a permanent ban
  • No slurs, toxicity or any other kind of disrespect to other players. 
  • Do not abuse the broadcast or radio for non-RP reasons
  • Don’t impersonate/disrespect Staff members. We are trying to help out, let us do that.
  • Do not Meta-Game. Just because you know how SCP’s work doesn’t mean your in-game D-class character will. Keep it realistic where possible.
  • Do not FailRP. FailRP consists of breaking roleplay, breaking rules related to specific jobs and generally breaking character. It can also be considered FailRP if you go rogue as a job and claim that you are a different job when you actually aren’t. 
  • No ERP or any 18+ content. It’s not fitting for the theme.
  • Follow the NLR (New Life Rule). Avoid a place you have just died and don’t target someone who killed you prior.
  • Any attempt to intentionally loophole our rules will be met with a punishment.
  • Do not abuse Job Switching to your advantage. If a D-class escapes and you’re a janitor that sees it, you can not switch to a guard just to kill that D-class. 
  • Money printers are disabled but currently still show up in the F4 menu. It will be removed where possible.
  • Try not to go AFK as a job as it occupies the job from others who may want to play the job. If you need to go afk you can type in OOC that you’ll be AFK but after 5 minutes we can demote you from that job so other players can play as that job.
  • Do not try and avoid or evade punishments as you will receive a harsher punishment for attempting to evade.
  • We understand the map is big and confusing. While we work on a custom map, this will be the one we are using. If you think we should sign post more areas, let Rejected or Sandwich know and we will work on it.
  • If you are a Patron and want to claim your rewards, DM a Gmod Head Admin or a Director and they can try and arrange it for you.
  • If you wish to be whitelisted for the Whitelist jobs, please apply using our Google Sheet.  



Role Specific Rules

  • SCP’s may not breach containment, even if their door is left open by site personnel. Only an applied breach will let you escape.
  • Use !breachapply to be put in the breach queue
  • Chaos are supposed to be stealthy. Their aim is not to start a gun fight, they gain nothing from it. They would rather catch high ranking personnel or interrogate other members of the Foundation staff. Play smart.
  • Chaos and SCP’s can NOT team.
  • Any SCP that isn’t supposed to talk should follow lore and only use chat for OOC purposes. 
  • As SCP 173, do not abuse your teleport. Repeat offences of this will result in the Whitelist or Change of SCP 173. This teleport should not be used to go through walls, only to move forward during a blink. 
  • As SCP 106 do not use your Reload key to teleport to the pocket dimension while you’re contained. Doing this will result in your whitelist being removed.
  • As SCP 106, once the femur break goes off, you must no-clip back to your cell and stay there as you have been recontained. 
  • As SCP 106, do not camp the Femur Breaker. 
  • As SCP 066, despite being a loud and memey SCP, do not just spam and abuse the sound effects. Loud does not always = funny. 
  • As SCP 049, do not sprint during your containment breaches. Any 049-2 must listen to 049 at all times.
  • As SCP 939, you must act as if you can not see anyone unless they speak, move or generally make noise. Otherwise, you must ignore them and move on as normal.
  • As SCP 999, do not breach other SCP’s or D-class. Work with the guards and MTF.
  • As SCP 096, you must not attack anyone unless you know they have looked at your face. Once the person that looked at you is dead you must sit on their body and cry until detained, shot or startled
  • As SCP 1048, do not use your SWEP unless a breach queue has been applied and a breach activated. When you free roam, you are considered "passive".

Staff Rules

  • Any member of staff found abusing the Admin Controls (such as Breach and the Warheads) will be immediately striked and may lose Gmod perms. Do not use the admin room unless given explicit permission from Rejected or Sandwich.
  • Events must be run with permission from a Gmod Head Admin or Director, as a list of planned events is being kept and worked on as time goes on.
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