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[Closed] General Rules, Sandbox/Deathrun/Cinema/Prophunt Rules  


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06/03/2020 9:55 am  

General Rules

1. No spam/ear rape

2. Do not impersonate staff

3. Be respectful towards others

4. Do not cheat either by exploiting or hacking/modding

5. Don't be toxic or use racist, sexist, or homophobic slurs. Staff has discretion

6. No sexual or graphic sprays

7. No racist, sexist or otherwise discriminative speech, text, sprays or names


Sandbox Rules

1. No griefing

2. Do not target other players when friendly fire is enabled if they're not okay with it

3. Staff may use teleport commands so long as they're not bothering others by using it


Deathrun Rules

1. No sabotaging/spamming traps

2. No favoritism

3. Do not delay the round


Cinema Rules

1. No queuing sexual, overly-violent content or any content deemed illegal in the United States


Prophunt Rules

1. No ghosting

2. No sabotaging your teammates


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