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[Closed] DarkRP Rules  


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06/03/2020 9:36 am  

Roleplay Rules

  • Don’t RDM, Mass RDM, or Mass RDA.
  • Don’t prop minge or prop surf.
    • Throwing props around, Trapping other players, and/or any inappropriate use of props.
  • Don’t Hack as it will result in a permaban.
  • Do not Fading Door Abuse.
    • FDA: Using fading doors to gain an advantage during a raid or make it impossible to raid.
  • Don’t spam or use /advert or /broadcast for Non-RP reasons.
  • Don’t use spawn to avoid RP situations.
  • Don’t kill yourself to avoid RP situations.
  • Don’t body block or door spam.
    • Spamming E on a door to prevent players from going through.
  • Don’t stack/chain adverts.
    • Example: Raid/mug/kidnap/false/over, etc.
  • You may not abuse the Parkour SWEP.
    • Hitting players with the Parkour SWEP for no reason.
  • You must respect NLR.
    • New Life Rule: If you are killed you cannot return to the location of your death for 3 minutes. If you are killed while raiding/defending your base from a raid you cannot return to your base until the group raiding announces the raid is over or has been killed.



Building Rules

  • Don’t build in the street. 
    • This includes streets, bases, and/or checkpoints.
  • Your base must be raidable by all classes with raiding abilities.
    • Example: Police, Thief, etc.
  • If you want to build your base in peace you must place a textscreen that says, “Building” otherwise your base is fair game.
  • You are allowed to block off excess entrances to your base.
    • Example: Blocking windows, garage doors, backdoors, etc.
  • Keypads must have a hold length of at least 3.5 seconds.
  • No false keypads. (Keypads that do not connect to a fading door)
  • Do not materialize or make keypads invisible.
  • Keypads must be next to the prop they are bound to.
  • If you have a KOS sign or line it must be visible and easy to see. Same goes with a building sign.
  • You are only allowed to build one base at a time so make it count.



Raiding Rules

  • You may not chain raid.
    • Example: Raid/mug/kidnap/false/over, etc
  • You may not lockpick/keypack crack until you have adverted raid.
  • You may not raid hobo huts.
  • You may not raid the cinema.
  • Do not raid people who have a building sign over their base.
  • If you raid someone you may not raid them again for 20 minutes.



Mugging Rules

  • You may not mug people who are AFK or have building signs on the exterior of their base.
  • You must give your victim 10 seconds to drop the money before killing them. If they disobey then you can chase them.
  • Your target must be aware they’re getting mugged.
  • If they victim listens and drops the money you cannot kill them.
  • You may mug someone for up to 100 times their level.
    • Example: A level 10 can be robbed for $1,000 while a level 50 can be robbed for $5,000.
  • During a mug you may not strip them of their right to run or fight back.



Party Rules

  • You may KOS someone who had damaged or killed a member of your party.
  • You may KOS someone if they are actively mugging/raiding a party member, or breaking a party member’s KOS sign.
  • When helping your party in a raid you must advert assist.
  • Parties should be no larger than 6 people.