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Server Rules  


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1. Our server does allow music or singing, but nothing that can be considered ear rape/mic spam or offensive. You can only play music when in game and not with a radio on. You can not play in spectator chat, intercom or when the server is restarting. If your class comes with a radio when you spawn in you must turn off radio when playing music.
2. Don't overly delay rounds. (AKA, Sit in 914 forever)
3. Don't impersonate/disrespect server staff.
4. Cheating WILL result in a permanent ban. Exploits CAN result in a permanent ban.
5. Don't be toxic or use racist, sexist, or homophobic slurs. Staff has discretion
6. No ghosting/telling 939 where to attack from a call. This just ruins the atmosphere of the game.

7. ​Guards, MTF and Scientists must give D class a chance to surrender rather than shooting them on sight. D class, Scientists or any unarmed personnel may only be shot if they are disobeying reasonable commands or attempting to cause harm. We do ask that you attempt to solve problems verbally before using a weapon. Chaos are exempt from the KOS rule but are still not allowed to shoot disarmed personnel unless they are disobeying reasonable commands.
8. No False Surrender (i.e. saying "I surrender" to a Facility Guard as a D-Boi, then attempting to shoot them.) NOTE: If you are separated for an extended period of time from the person you surrendered to, you are no longer surrendered (D-Boi can shoot them again)

- Teams can cooperate for survival until the reason for working together is gone. 
- SCPs may show 'mercy' to Scientists or D-Class personnel. 
- Scientists and D-Class may freely cross-team with each-other, but only against SCPs.
- Teaming with other classes outside of these guidelines will result in a warning or ban. 
- SCP, except for SCP-079, and Chaos cannot team even if they do win together.
- Surrendering D-Bois ALSO correlate with being handcuffed personnel.
-If you are a role that spawns with a gun, you may not intentionally go out of your way to surrender to the other team when there is no necessity to do so. In this situation, you may only surrender if you have no chance to fight or if the odds are incredibly against you to survive.

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