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17/10/2020 3:45 pm  

SCP HP Scaling Plugin - I was talking about this with some players about two weeks ago. I asked around and found out that a plugin like this did not exist. I asked around in the Exiled Discord Server and a coder messaged me and said he liked my idea. After a few days of work and testing, he managed to make a SCP Health Scaling plugin.

The way it works goes like this. For example, if the server has a total of a certain amount of players, then specific SCPs can have their health altered so that the health pools of SCPs are fair for everyone. Like for example, the higher the server count, the higher the health and vice versa.

The creator of this plugin told me that everything is nice and customisable in the config so that you can change all the health values, how much people you need in order to trigger the health change, etc.Β 

This could be useful for SCPs like SCP-096 for example. Many players have argued about his 1000 HP that we offer on our servers and I think that If we utilize a plugin like this one, then we can have more fair gameplay. So a small server count would lead to a smaller health pool for SCP-096 and a bigger one will increase his health.

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